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China Soluble-Tech Co.,ltd is professional in using blow molding to make PVA water soluble film We have the nuclear technology to make thermo masterbatch, which can be used to make any water soluble film or water soluble container.

Presently, we use the blow molding to make the following three types water soluble films.

①first kind called PVA water soluble film at room temperature. it can be dissolved in water at room temperature, wide range of application: industry area for embroidery backing or as bags for cement additives; agriculture area as biodegradable bag for seeds or fertilizers and pesticide; daily area as detergent powder package ; medical area as laundry bags ,and so on.

②second kind called PVA water soluble film at isomesic temperature , good transparency, bear large pulling force, uniform thickness, water soluble time is short, suitable for shopping bags, packaging bags and other special.

③third kind called PVA water soluble film at high temperature , can be higher than 55 ℃dissolved in water. The product at room temperature and humid environment when in use to avoid moisture absorption or swelling can be used in more areas of packaging.

Comparing the present normal cast process film ,our blow process film has the advantage as follows:

1、 Better balance of film physical properties: This is especially true. The monoaxial drawdown in the cast film process coupled with the web neck-in tends to give very splitty cast film from resins like PVA. Physical properties of most resins, such as tear strength and elongation, tend to be more balanced in the blown film process thus promoting better dart drop impact strength.

2、 Denser film, stiffer, with better barrier properties: The lower cooling rate in the blown film process allows more crystallite formation and a higher film density. This generally promotes higher film modulus and lower rates of moisture and gas transmission for the same polymer.

3、 Less trim, regrind: Because of the tendency to edge bead and because many cast film line dies are fixed slot width, the amount of edge trim that must be taken is a much higher percentage of the total web. This becomes less so as the cast film line is wider. The bubble diameter in a blown film line can be adjusted to give just the right size for mini mum edge trim.

Lower investment per annual pound for equipment: Because the line speed for a cast film line running the same lb/ hr. width and thickness is twice that for a blown film line, the takeoff drive system is more sophisticated and expensive. The web handling and winding systems are designed for much higher speeds, are more sophisticated, and more expensive. Automatic gage control is almost mandatory for cast film and adds about $200,000 to the price of a cast film line. Typical machinery investment numbers for blown film lines are 14 to 28 cents per annual pound of film production and for cast film lines is 25 to 50 cents.

5、 Short runs are less expensive: Because the width is easily changeable on a blown film line, short runs are less ex pensive as less changeover scrap is run and less trim is taken during the run.

6、 Thinner films can be made: Because the drawdown occurs in two directions (MD and TD), a thinner film can be made from the same resin on a blown film line than can be made on a cast film line. In addition, the web handling is easier because two thicknesses are transported to the winder at a slower line speed instead of one at a higher line speed.

7、 100% PVA does not have the drawdown instability problems with blown film that it has in cast film (draw down resonance).

In future, any plastic times ,no matter in industry or in agriculture or in daily life, or in medicine ,which may cause pollution or which may cause damage to human body can be taken placed by the PVA items, maybe in the form of film or may be in the form of container, because its property to be dissolved in the water and only make H2O and CO2.Its future is limitless .

Any venture ,who is interested in the project, please feel comfortable to contact me. Your idea on this project will make us passionate to go on in the environment protecting road.

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