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China Soluble-tech Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in environmental friendly material “water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) products”. With all employees' contribution and supporting from the old and new customers' we are stepping forward to large-scaled development constantly. Now Our headquarters is in Hong Kong, while we have sales offices in different business cities ,such as Guangzhou. Our producing base is in Shan Dong Province .

We are professional in using blow molding to make PVA water soluble film ,which has a better balance of mechanical properties than cast films .Blow molding can make one large film, two smaller ones, or tubes that can be made into bags easily, but with tensile and flexural strength and toughness. Our blow molding PVA water soluble film has the following three types:

①first kind called PVA water soluble film at room temperature. it can be dissolved in water at room temperature, wide range of application: industry area for embroidery backing or as bags for cement additives; agriculture area as biodegradable bag for seeds or fertilizers and pesticide; daily area as detergent powder package ; medical area as laundry bags ,and so on.

②second kind called PVA water soluble film at isomesic temperature , good transparency, bear large pulling force, uniform thickness, water soluble time is short, suitable for shopping bags, packaging bags and other special.

③third kind called PVA water soluble film at high temperature , can be higher than 55 ℃dissolved in water. The product at room temperature and humid environment when in use to avoid moisture absorption or swelling can be used in more areas of packaging.

Our China Soluble-tech Co.Ltd has set forth the enterprise culture as "Do Our Best, Courage to Challenge, Innovative and Continuous Study". With sincerity to and meticulous attitude, we strive to do our best to provide good-quality products, reasonable price and professional service . China Soluble-tech Co.Ltd attaches importance to communication and cooperation with our customers, and on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win achievement, we dedicate ourselves to promote eco-awareness and products to all over the world to make the earth more peaceful and safer. China soluble-tech Co.Ltd sincerely looking forward to cooperate with you in development of a green world.

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